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Things We Will Miss About Grace Church

Well, as the Lord has it, we are moving! I have the privilege of serving at San Francisco Bible Church as an assistant pastor. The Lord has been gracious to us during these last few years. As we reflect on God’s blessing in our lives, we would like to take this time to talk about what we will miss about Grace Community Church. This post is a culmination of everything that my wife and I are thankful for.

The Preaching.

This is an obvious one. The preachers at Grace Church have been so faithful in handling God’s word and explaining to all of us each and every week. We will miss not only Pastor John’s faithful exposition of the text, but several others that fill the pulpit as well. My wife and I have been tremendously blessed/encouraged/convicted over the years as each preacher has brought out the greatness of our God. We know and love God more because of their hard work in explaining the text. We will miss the many faithful teachers at the church.

Our Bible Studies/Fellowship Group.

We will miss Crossroads and Grace on Campus. It has been a joy to be able to serve and be served by the faithful saints there. There is so much to be thankful for being a part of this ministry. For one, my wife got saved through this ministry. My wife was part of a small group early on in her college years that was trained by other faithful leaders who help impart gospel truth into the heart of my wife. Second, Grace on Campus also gave us a platform for both of us to utilize our spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ. We are also thankful for faithful men like Austin Duncan and Chris Gee for their faithfulness in teaching and living out the gospel before us. Lastly, if it weren’t for this fellowship group, my wife and I would not have met. We both came to Crossroads single, and we are leaving as a married couple. We are thankful for all that the Lord has done through this ministry, and we know the Lord will continue to do so.

Our Friends.

Whether it is people who poured into our lives or those who were in our small groups, we are thankful for all of the friends that we made over the years. Each one of our friends has helped grow us in some way. God used different people over the years to bless us. We will miss them tremendously as our friends, but even more as our siblings of the faith. We are thankful for their consistency in prayer, their thoughtfulness in caring for us when life was hard, the necessary rebukes when we are not living out the scriptures properly, and just simply them living life with us.

These are just glimmers of God’s blessing in both of our lives. Grace Community Church will always have a special place in our hearts as it has trained us for what is to come. We thank you Grace Community Church, and we pray that you continue to be faithful to the Lord in all things and to be a light in Southern California. Until next time friends!

—Ray and Kelly

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