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Perfectionism Became the Enemy of My Productivity

I confess that there are times when I just want to be perfect, not in the sense of pursuing holiness, but in a manner that seeks to glorify myself. Those are times when I admit “not setting [my] mind on the things of God, but on the things of man.” (Matthew 16:23) When I seek to do things with the intention to glorify myself rather than God, two things usually happen, either I do the thing unsuccessfully or I don’t do anything at all. I realized that this was a form of procrastination: putting a task aside because of the prideful fear of failing or doing it incorrectly. I was convicted of being like the servant with only one talent or one mina in Matthew 25 and Luke 19, respectively. Those moments of selfish ambition for perfection that led to no progress were evidence of moments when I forgot the value of Christ. Not that everything I seek to do for God’s glory is easy or will result in success, but it’s faithfulness that the master demands of the servants in the parables and it’s faithfulness that God demands of those who follow Him.

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